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Stakeholder Database

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Type of organisation
Name of organisation Description Type of organisation Country
Vitagora Vitagora is a French agrifood innovation cluster federating more than 550 members throughout France and abroad, covering the whole agri-food value chain. Association France
Wabar Agnieszka Hanna Ogonowska Polish food distributor (UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany). Enterprise Poland
Wageningen University & Research Wageningen University & Research is considered to be one of the best and most innovative programmes in Food Science and Technology in Europe and the world, also in the field of Plant-based foods. University Netherlands
Warsaw University of Life Sciences WULS is the oldest agricultural university in Poland, equipped with modern research centers and laboratories, as well as employing outstanding experts. University Poland
Wege Siostry Vegan cheese alternative producer. Enterprise Poland
White and Green Natural vegetable beverage production company Other Portugal
Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences (WUELS), Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science The scientific research carried out at the faculty falls mainly within the scope of nutrition and food technology and biological sciences. University Poland
Zbigniew Ciemniewski Agricultural and Food Processing (Brand: Tree Nuts) "Tree Nuts" brand works with hazelnuts from Polish orchards. We deal with their cultivation, processing, and packaging and offer a wide variety of products related to nuts (e.g. flour, oils, creams). Enterprise Poland
ZT Kruszwica Bunge company ZT Kruszwica S.A. is the largest processor of oil seeds and producer of vegetable fats in Poland and one of the largest in Central Europe . Enterprise Poland
Zyrcular Foods R&D, production and distribution of alternative protein foods. Enterprise Spain
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