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Stakeholder Database

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Type of organisation
Name of organisation Description Type of organisation Country
D. Duarte secondary school - Coimbra Secondary school with professional courses. Other Portugal
Institute of food preservation and quality A research institute that develops formulations for healthy and functional foods and beverage. Research Institute Bulgaria
A&R House (BCL) Ltd A&R House (BCL) collects and upcycles industrial quantities of food process-waste streams and brings them back into the human food chain. Enterprise United Kingdom
Aegean Agricultural Research Institute Conservation and use of genetic resources, producing solutions to national and global agricultural and natural problems carrying out projects in collaboration with country-region organizations. Research Institute Turkey
Agency for vocational education and training and adult education The activities of the Agency are planning, developing, organizing, implementing, monitoring and improving the system of vocational education and adult education. Public body Croatia
AGRAMONTE VEGAN Micro enterprise with vegan charcuterie production. Enterprise Portugal
Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation Cluster based in South-West of France specialized in agrofood sector. Association France
Agricultural School Complex, Centre of Agricultural Education Agricultural school - technical level: food technology, landscape architecture, mechanization of agriculture and agrotronics, devices and systems of renewable energy, veterinary medicine. VET institution Poland
Agriculture, Food and Veterinary School Stanko Ožanić Our school educates and trains students in the fields of agriculture, food and veterinary medicine. Students are trained and educated in 3 and 4-year courses. VET institution Croatia
Aksum University Aksum University is a hihger institution that work on teaching-learning, conduct problem solving research and demand driven community services. University Ethiopia
Al-Balqa Applied University Education in nutrition and food technology Research in nutrition and food technology Research in plant-Based foods. University Jordan
Amvrosia Manufacturing business Enterprise Greece
Ankara University I work in Faculty of Health Sciences and we give education for Bsc, Msc and PhD students also we make researches and projects University Turkey
AQUIMER Established as a not-for-profit association in 1999, AQUIMER was certified in 2005 as the "National Competitiveness Cluster for the valorisation of aquatic products" by the French government. Association France
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Department of Chemistry; Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Technology. University Greece
ASINCAR Agrifood Cluster ASINCAR is a Food cluster (+95 members), a Technology Centre as well as a VET provider. +1.000 students/year between unemployed and active workers from Food industry VET institution Spain
AYTAÇ meat factory Enterprise Turkey
Balcerzak Sp. z o.o. core business: meat processing; new sector of production: meat substitutes (slices, sausages) Enterprise Poland
BASQUE FOOD CLUSTER Basque Food Cluster promotes the competitiveness of the Euskadi food chain through cooperation, promoting the development of markets, customer-centric innovation, using technology and attracting talen Association Spain
BEE&YOU Propolis BEE&YOU Propolis; propolis, royal jelly, pollen, bee bread, and raw honey; It also produces 100% natural mixtures containing bee products, tablets, drops, sprays, and skincare products Enterprise Turkey
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